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Gallow Gallery

A Place for Sinners PROMO ART A Place for Sinners PROMO ART The Dead Bird "Of all the horrible things Amity had seen, this undid her the most. The bird spoke to some deep, primal part of her being. Amity understood. She, too, was ripped open and was exposed." - A PLACE FOR SINNERS by Aaron Dries (coming 2014) 189540352 Monkey Shines "Their little faces were alike, distinguished only by variations of disease and blood splatter. One monkey sat on the last son?s shoulder; it was dressed in the remains of a pink tutu. Its marble eyes were sad, downcast. It, like the rest of its kind, seemed to understand the gravity of their failure." - A PLACE FOR SINNERS by Aaron Dries (coming 2014) 189540353 They Closed In "Amity was trapped, her back flat against the cave wall. The dogs glared at her with candle-flame eyes, flickering with the potential to burn and cause pain. The dogs had claimed her as their own. Coveted her. Her blood was a sweetness they found favorable, and they were desperate for more." - A PLACE FOR SINNERS by Aaron Dries (coming 2014) 189540354 The Stalker "It had been with her always, lurking behind the thin fabric of her life. Its fin always within sight. Sometimes, when Susan Sycamore woke in the middle of the night, wanting to destroy her family, she went to the mirror and saw it swimming behind the glass. The evocative ripples of watery shadows, silken and elegant, over its impenetrable hide. Now the shark, a great white, had caught up with her." - A PLACE FOR SINNERS by Aaron Dries (coming 2014) 189540355